Shopping With Smart Online

Smart Online allows people to make orders for products in Kampala while in the comfort of their homes in Juba with just simple clicks here and there. The ordered products are transported to our main store located in Juba. The transportation takes a minimum of 3 days after orders are made.

Upon arrival of goods, the customers are called to come and pick up their products and complete payments to claim their orders.

Similarly, people in Uganda who are in need of products from South Sudan can make orders and their products are delivered to our store in Kampala where they are required to pick them. Here the customers are reached via Phone calls.

More Details About Smart Online

How We Do It

Payments with Smart Online

To buy products from Smart Online is quite simple and works without a credit card. 40% of the total charges is made as initial deposit and the rest is paid upon delivery. For example, a product with a price of SSP 20000 requires one to pay SSP 8,000 as initial deposit. This 40% initial deposit is paid via Mobile Money to our Store in Kampala to enable us organize packaging and transportation of your ordered products.

What We Sell On Smart Online

Our major product categories include; clothing, sneakers, other footwear, mobile phones, jewelry, watches, make-up and other body accessories. Get great quality products at the best prices.

Smart Online Prices.

Due to persistent inflation and high prices of Commodities in South Sudan, we have tried to lower our prices as much as possible. We maintain the actual price of products in Uganda and only convert it to South Sudanese Pounds with slight increment to cater for transportation of the products from Kampala to Juba.

Brands and Labels

We sell top trending brands such as African Boy, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace and much more